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Barcah Group for Petroleum Services

Barcah Group for Petroleum Services (BGPS) provides strong representation of foreign companies wishing to operate in thebusiness of supply and service to the ever-expanding oil and gas industry in Libya.

BGPS’s vision is to create value through the provision of innovative customer and market-focused solutions. Today BGPS in association with its specialised partner’s service capabilities can be classified into the following categories: –

Petroleum services related companies:-

Consultants / Services:

  • New Digital Business (NDB Team) – improving productivity of geoscience
  • SPM – machine conditioning & monitoring

Leading Specialised Manufacturers / Suppliers:

  • GE Water & Process Technologies – world’s leading water treatment solutions company
  • Oxymat – Nitrogen generators for the Marine, Oil & Gas industry
  • ALLWEILER FARID PUMPs – pumps solutions for industry
  • MCV – Mercedes trucks with super structures for industrial purposes


  • Zamil Steel – pre-engineered steel building structures
  • Petrol Lavori –  specialized in welding, surface treatment, tanks & pipeline maintenance, etc.

Strategic Alliances

  • Aref Energy
  • International Research Networks & Oliver Kinross

BGPS’s commitment to the industry was demonstrated by its organization of the Libya Oil & Gas Summit held in Rome, Italy from 21 – 22ndMarch, 2012.  This had over 200 VIP attendees including a large official delegation from the National Oil Company (NOC), their companies and service providers in addition to the leading Oil Companies & Service Companies.  This event was co-organised with our partners International Research Networks & Oliver Kinross.

On 24 – 25 May 2013, another very successful conference was held this year in Istanbul, Turkey with strong turnout from the top executives of the NOC including the attendance of Chairman, Dr. Nouri Bourrein and had the attendance of over 200 delegates from all IOC’s, service providers, etc. helped in increasing ties between the Libyan Oil & Gas industry and its international piers.

Construction (BGCC):

Barcah Group for Construction Co.  (BGCC) specializes in many aspects in the construction industry, our alliances and strategic partnerships are with world renown specialised companies in order to achieve dependable top quality for our clients through a professional reliable service.  Our expertise spans a wide range from special construction services to complete TURN-KEY projects.

Barcah Group for Construction Co. is a flexible company and can deal with a different range of projects and sizes always assuring quality at every stage of the construction period whether it’s complicated infrastructure projects, transportation projects, commercial projects and or large standardised housing or projects with complicated high quality interior and exterior finishes and historic conservations.

Barcah Group for Construction Co. is specialised in many sectors of the commercial construction field including: –

  • Infrastructure including water plant, electricity plants and all infrastructure network distribution; road, bridge and tunnels
  • Transportation projects – Airports & Railways
  • Commercial projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Education & Healthcare projects
  • Residential & Touristic projects
  • Historic Conservations

Our sister companies are able to offer a full range of engineering services including architectural services, high end interior design services, leading project management  and facility management.

Lastly, through our associated partner financial institutions, Barcah Group for Construction Co. can help source subsidised funding from EU sources available for major Government-led infrastructure projects and public facilities of regional/national importance that will enable the government to expand its activities at this critical stage in our countries history.

Barcah Group for Construction Co. with their international partners can work with international standards for economic construction systems and many other projects in different sectors.

As a conclusion, Barcah Group for Construction Co. with their international partners has the capability to use fast track construction model for turnkey projects.   Our capabilities can be classified in the following categorisations: –

  1. Engineering, Procurement & General Construction (EPC)
  2. Modern Construction Solutions
  3. Historic Renovations & Specialised Finishing Contractors
  4. Infrastructural Solutions