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The group has created a pioneering company by the name of Ghibli Raceway providing a innovative formula of accessible motor sports & entertainment with projects currently in Sharm El Sheikh and presently expanding in other locations.  The long awaited second project is being developed on the outskirts of Egypt’s capital, Cairo.  It is scheduled to start construction works in early 2020

Ghibli Raceway, pioneering provider of international motor sport to the Middle East, takes its name from a North African wind originating from the Atlas Mountains.  The current principal activities of Ghibli Raceway are as follows: –

  • Karting – programs for individuals or groups
  • Driving School – for children and enthusiasts
  • Motor sport events – Organization of local, regional and international championships
  • Incentives – for groups and corporations
  • Trade Orange – trading in entertainment & sporting products
  • Restaurant & Catering services – for project guests & groups
  • Non motor sports entertainment – Gyms & Spa’s, Paintball & other non-motor sports entertainment activities.

International Recognition

The circuit itself has been built to the standards set by the “Commission Internationale de Karting” (CIK-FIA) and the authorised international body within the “Federation Internationale d’Automobile” (FIA).  Today, Ghibli Raceway’s Sharm facility is proudly one of a handful of homologated tracks in the world built to “Grade A licence” requirements.  A testament to Ghibli’s success was hosting the prestigious Rotax Max Challenge World Finals, the most international (38 countries) and popular (+7,000 competitors) FIA sanctioned motor sport formula, in January, 2004.

Ghibli has hosted many of the racing world’s best known names including Micheal Schumacher, David Coulthard, Paul Stewart, Gianni Morbidelli, etc.  Outside of the racing world, Ghibli Raceway has had the honour of hosting VIP’s such as the King of Bahrain, and many other Arabic and European music and film stars.

In January 2008, Ghibli Raceway has initiated an important development in the sport in the region by organising the CIK-FIA sanctioned Middle East Karting Cup, the first championship taking place in the Middlle East on the CIK-FIA calendar on an annual basis.  This year it will be hosted between Ghibli Raceway and the prestigious Dubai Autodrome.  The championship has had a excellent Opening Round in Sharm El Sheikh that took place between 16 – 19 January, 2008.  In the first round over 28 drivers from 9 countries participated and over 45 journalists from various local, regional and international media attended in addition to 5 Television networks (including ERTU Channel #2, Al Hurra, Orbit, OTV & Nile TV) that came to cover the event with more drivers and media have confirmed their attendance for future rounds of the championships establishment year.

This year Ghibli Raceway is being recognised as the leading circuit in the region once more by being selected to host the 10th anniversary of the Rotax MAX Challenge World Finals from 5 – 12 December, 2009.  Only the second circuit of being given the privilege to host this prestigious champinhip for a second time, with 216 drivers from over 55 countries represented this will become a memorable finals for all.

Karting is attractive to leisure seekers and motor sport enthusiasts not only for its relative low cost but because of the sheer excitement of pushing ones adrenaline to new levels.  Ghibli also provides the professional driver interested in owning a kart with storage, purchasing and professional training.

Trade Orange – A World of innovation

Further confirmation of Ghibli Raceway’s success and recognition, is the confidence of the top motor sport and entertainment manufacturers to represent their companies, products exclusively in Egypt and in some cases the wider Middle East region.  Today these include the following: –

Manufacturer Description Date of representation & area
BRP Rotax

World’s leading kart race engine manufacturer since 2002 in Egypt
CRG S.p.a.

World Champion chassis manufacturer since 2003 in Egypt
OMP S.p.a. Leading motor sport brand of safety clothing and accessories throughout Middle East since 2008
Mojo Tires

Incentive Formula for Success

Additionally, for organisations and businesses, Ghibli offers the option for a company day out customised event, which can help develop and encourage staff affiliation while creating a unique team building experience. Ghibli Raceway has the capacity to handle groups of various sizes with differing needs in terms of timing, branding and the ability to tailor any service requirements within a controlled environment.

With its innovative recipe for sleek modernity and adrenaline stimulation in a unique setting, Ghibli Raceway has cultivated a highly successful formula for driver development and motor sport entertainment.

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